Plan Your Event

Some things to consider when planning your event at the Thrasher Opera House:

How many guests? Our 60″ round tables, or 8’ banquet tables, seat 8 people. The opera house easily seats 200 in normal concert set-up, with chairs in rows facing the stage, but tables take up a lot of space. We don’t recommend trying to seat more than 150 people at tables. Will you want an additional table for guest registration? Literature display? Nametags? Presents?

Music: Will there be live music? A DJ? Will you require use of our sound system, and, in the case of a band, we recommend you hire our sound guy, too. The room’s acoustics are excellent, but if there is to be a band, a sound system and engineer is usually needed.

Will you need a piano? There is an upright piano on the floor that you may use free of charge, but if you want to use the Steinway grand piano on the stage, permission must be secured from the Green Lake Festival of Music and an additional fee of $125 paid to GLFM for the use of the piano. Tuning is not included for either piano; check with the Thrasher for most recent tuning date and contact info for piano technician.

Movie screen: We have a 14 x 20′ movie screen that unrolls from the stage ceiling at the press of a button.

Catering: Who is your caterer? Will the caterer supply table linens? How many tables will the caterers need? Will the caterer supply glassware?

Bar Services: The Thrasher holds a liquor license and can provide full bar services for your event. All beverages must be purchased and supplied by the Thrasher. Consider whether you want a cash bar, an open (hosted) bar, or some combination of each.

Event timing: Full day rental covers up to 8 hours. You need to allow some time for set-up and clean-up on either end of your event. If you’re having a wedding reception with a catered dinner, we strongly advise paying for an additional block of 4 hours; you (or the caterer and/or the decorator) will need it! There’s a sound ordinance in Green Lake, so if you have a band, things need to quiet down by 11 p.m.

Restrooms: There are two single restrooms off the main room of the opera house.

Climate Control: The opera house is heated in winter and air-conditioned in summer.

Parking: Limited parking available in the parking lot adjacent to the north side of the building. There’s a larger public parking lot one block to the northeast. Street parking available wherever you can find it.

Accessibility: An accessible parking stall and wheelchair-accessible entrance is available on the north side of the building.