Legacy Giving

Many of our donors are endowing their annual gift and creating a legacy that allows the Thrasher – and the arts – to thrive for generations to come.

A legacy gift provides future support to the Thrasher Opera House – sometimes doing much more than you might otherwise have thought possible. A legacy gift can be made through a will, beneficiary designation, retirement or insurance plan, can be a specific dollar amount or percent and is changeable at any time and/or can be made to Thrasher’s endowment fund at the Green Lake Community Foundation. And just in case, here’s our official name and Federal ID number: Thrasher Opera House Corporation, EIN 39-1915602.

Legacy Stories

Bob & Patty F.

There was a couple from Green Lake, Bob and Patty, who were around when the building was brought back to life in the 1990s by a local realtor. They followed the progress of the restoration, and when the Thrasher Opera House Corporation decided to take on the purchase of the opera house, they had their financial advisor do some serious research on the young nonprofit organization. They were satisfied with the results, and gave a substantial amount toward the building purchase, even hosting a fundraiser in their home. They continued to watch our progress for the next 12-14 years, contributing to several capital improvement projects including the remodeling of our office space, reopening the door that once connected the two buildings, building a bar/lounge in the lobby/gallery space, and spiffing up the office bathrooms that Patty had once deemed not fit for public consumption! Sadly, she died shortly before the project was completed, so she never got to see the “Ravishing Coral” walls in the ladies’ room, but we know she would have loved the color! She and Bob left a significant contribution to the Thrasher in their will, making the Thrasher part of their legacy, as it was part of their lives.

Sharon L.

Then there was Sharon, whose bequest was a complete surprise to us. She had attended some concerts at the Thrasher, but we didn’t know her well. She was single and had no children, and named the Thrasher as one of several charities she wanted to support after she was gone. Her gift has and will continue to promote the arts and allow others to share the joy of a live performance with those they love – something that Sharon cared deeply about.

Want to be Anonymous?: The Thrasher Opera House has a designated endowment fund with the Green Lake Area/Ripon Community Foundation, an affiliate of the Oshkosh Area Community Foundation. If you wish to donate anonymously, gifts can be made directly to the Foundation without the Thrasher knowing your identity.