Art Exhibits

Mandy Hallman

November 01 – December 31, 2023

Artist Carissa Sorenson hanging up her artwork at Thrasher Opera House in Green Lake Wisconsin
Artist Carissa Sorenson hanging up her artwork at Thrasher Opera House in Green Lake Wisconsin

Mandy Hallman is a versatile and passionate artist known for her boundless creativity and mastery of various mediums. Under the moniker “Wild Hare Art,” she brings life to her imagination, captivating art enthusiasts worldwide. With a penchant for realism and an unwavering love for animals, Mandy specializes in creating stunning pet portraits and heartfelt memorial tributes.

Drawing inspiration from the world around her, Mandy’s artistic repertoire includes painting, drawing, embroidery, pyrography, and mixed media. Her unquenchable curiosity for diverse creative projects drives her to explore new horizons, and she finds joy in collaborating with others to turn visions into tangible art.

Her vision extends far beyond the canvas. Mandy’s goal is to embrace the life of a full-time freelance artist, allowing her to embark on a journey of artistic discovery while traveling the world. Through her artistic endeavors, she aims to inspire others to explore their creative passions fearlessly, promoting art as a powerful means of self-expression and connection.

For Mandy, art is not just a vocation; it is a way of life. She welcomes all who share her love for the creative process to reach out and collaborate on exciting new projects. If you have an idea that sparks curiosity or a vision that yearns for artistic interpretation, Mandy Hallman is the artist to turn your dreams into reality.

Join her on this extraordinary artistic odyssey, where imagination knows no bounds and creativity runs wild.

Wild Hare Art


If you or someone you know is interested in having an exhibit at the Thrasher Opera House, please contact the office at 920.294.4279 or email info@thrasheroperahouse with subject: Exhibit Inquiry.