Date:   5/1/2003

It is impossible to count all the gems that the Thrasher Opera House has brought to the greater Green Lake cultural treasury


The Greater Green Lake Community is dazzling!  Even the waters of the lake are sparkling like millions of diamonds awakening the 2003 spring season.  In Green Lake we not only have jewels of sparkling on the waters but we possess a jewel right on our shore.  We can all agree that gems need a setting to show off their brilliance.  In Green Lake that setting is a historic crown named The Thrasher Opera House.  Better still, that valuable crown is now owned and managed by members from the entire community that is you and I and many of the residents reading this article.  What a fine gift we have received from Mr. Ron Hagstrom.  Ron took a heap of neglected rubble and with a magic wand fashioned from his own personal resources transformed those ugly sticks and stones into the theater we proudly own today located at the foot of Mill Street.


There have been so many gems set in the Thrasher Opera House crown but I shall only name a few: all of the professional artists that have performed for us; the children and the schools that have donated their pearls of talent; the local citizens and organizations that continue to enrich this cultural centre.  Another is a local organization, the Green Lake Community Players, is an amateur group that was created just a few years ago to feature many of our local talents.


I have been honored to be the Vice President of the Thrasher Opera House for the past few years and President of the Green Lake Community Players.  Being elected to these positions I have witnessed the maturing of both organizations.  These valuable organizations need our support including our attendance, our donations and especially our involvement.  The Thrasher Opera House is now the home for the Green Lake Community Players.  This community is richer because of those founders getting together and creating a community theater company.  The Green Lake Community Players, by staging live performances, have been able to raise funds to help the Thrasher Opera House accomplish its grand mission.  The Players have purchased some of the new audience seating we all now enjoy and just recently donated four-thousand dollars to help sponsor Thrasher children’s productions and teaching workshops for actors.  This is a fine beginning and we hope to do a lot more in the future.  The Players have just mailed out their membership requests.  Please become a member and please volunteer to help in any way you are able to.  We are always in need to directors, producers, actors, costume designers, seamstresses, scenery designers, painters (you do not have to be an artist), promotion and advertising personal, ushers, stage hands, lighting techs, sound techs, and all the many persons that work behind the scenery to make a production come to life.  It will be a lot of fun you will meet some interesting people, develop new friendships, and be guaranteed a lot of laughs.  The Players are still a fledgling organization and we are constantly learning the many lessons that a community theater has to know.  We need everyone’s input that has any interest in live community theater either on the stage or filling a position behind the curtain.


It has been a privilege for me to work with both the Thrasher Opera House and the Green Lake Community Players and I hope you will all keep supporting us!  If you have not done so before, please give us a call at 920 294 4279.  We will make every effort to answer your questions and extend to you an invitation to become an involved member.  Our next production for this fall will be “TOMB WITH A VIEW”, a comedy that will surely delight everyone who sees it.  Just a reminder, you are now able to purchase tickets on the Internet with a credit card for all the productions being staged at the Thrasher Opera House.  Check out our new website:

PLEASE, remember our entire community is the sovereign who has been charged with the responsibility of keeping this jewel safe and secure.  The money from the sale of tickets can not cover the expenses and that is always the situation when ticket prices are so reasonable.  It is only through you generosity that we are able to meet our basic expenses.


When you see those diamonds sparkling on the waters or Green Lake, I hope you can bask in its glow knowing you have done your part to keep the crown, the THRASHER OPERA HOUSE, solvent for all to enjoy now and in the future.


Submitted by:  Patrick T. McGriff, Vice President, TOH……….



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