Date:   12/8/2001

Bohola Shares Celtic Holiday

Bohola Shares Celtic Holiday 


                                   This time of year us spent in good cheer

When neighbors together do meet

To sit by the fire in friendly desire

Each other in love to greet

Old grudges forgot are put in the pot

All sorrows aside they lay

The old and the young both carol this song

To drive the cold winter away


Those thoughts represent the heart of Boholaís Celtic Christmas Celebration coming to Thrasherís Opera House in Green Lake on Saturday, December 8 at 7:30 p.m.


Well known for their outstanding performances of Irish music, Jimmy Keane, Sean Cleland and Pat Broader have pooled their considerable talents to create a unique blend of music and song.


Jimmy, who plays accordion was born in London of Irish speaking parents and moved with the rest of his family to Chicago in 1960. It was his fatherís magnificent old style Irish singing and encouragement of Jimmy to take up the traditional music that provided the basis for this outstanding musician. An avid collector and arranger of old tunes, Keane is fast becoming well known also for his original compositions


Sean Cleland was born in Milwaukee, of Irish American parents, and moved to Chicago where he began studying violin at the age of seven. As a young musician Sean competed in and won several fiddle playing competitions. He also began performing with various other Irish musicians.  In 1989 Sean founded  The Drovers, an alternative Celtic Rock group which performed in two major motion pictures, Backdraft in 1991 and Birk in 1994.


Wexford-born, Pat Broader, began playing music at age 12, playing the whistle and later the ullean pipes. Later while in Ireland he began singing and also played the bouzouki.

After moving to Massachusetts in 1990 Pat performed with various groups in the Boston area and has been actively involved in the Irish music culture since his move to Chicago in 1991.

This popular holiday celebration brings together elements of traditional Christmas along with pagan traditions surrounding the winter solstice. The show has proven to be a big hit in every venue it appears, with special appreciation being shown by audiences who share in the Celtic and Irish background of the performers.

Tickets for Bohola are available at Ripon Drug, The Knowledge Emporium, Green Lake State Bank or by calling Thrasherís Opera House at 920/294-4279


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