Date:   8/24/2002

Angels in the Round set the stage at the historic Thrasher Opera House


Angels in the Round set the stage at the historic Thrasher Opera House


Three NYC women are coming to Green Lake to help achieve their one mission as singers and songwriters: to perform their style and quality of original music and to touch the lives of everyone who hears them.


Angels in the Round is a band comprised of three deeply talented women with three distinctively rich voices that have the power to confront reality with a storyteller’s edge of fantasy.  Starring Emily Curtis, Jodi Sheeler and Gabrielle, Angels in the Round will be bringing its charisma and charm to Thrasher Opera House on Sat., Aug. 24, at 7:30 p.m.  


Each member sings her own song in her own style, but the grouping creates an atmosphere of sound that brings a magnetic atmosphere.  Gabrielle was born and bred in New York and started singing in the popular NYC blues cover band, Blooze Junction.  Then in 1998, she left the band to start her own original music project spanning influences from Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Bonnie Raitt and many others.  This woman is an artist who “has everything cooking on all the burners,” printed Music Connection Magazine, which voted her debut CD Dreamtown as the third best unsigned CD of the year in 2000.


Jodie Sheeler brings some international spunk to the Angels.  She was born in Italy and raised on various U.S. military bases in Germany.  Eventually she ended up in New York City where she began singing and writing.  With a voice blending folk, rock and pop, Jodi brings the world of entertainment a fresh look into her vivid imagination.  Her deep soulful voice reflects such popular artists as Dar Williams and Joni Mitchell, but the feeling in her music is completely her own.  “No Regrets” can easily be considered her signature song among the other compilations on the CD of Angels in the Round.  Her vocal projections and rests in rhythm not only transmit her message of sorrowful regret, but her smooth intonation sparks a slight breath of hope and moving forward.  In this one song, Sheeler tells a story and brings it to life, causing every listener to reflect and relate.  Stories are plentiful within each song performed by each member of Angels in the Round.


Rhythm and News Magazine stated in a review that singer/songwriter Emily Curtis of Angels in the Round proves to be a “refreshingly original songwriter with a voice of gold and plenty of stories to tell in her eclectic kind of way”.  With a history of intimate performances in New York clubs and coffee houses, Curtis brings the sensation of an intimate dinner conversation into her music.  Her voice and writings have been compared to such artists as Carol King and Sheryl Crow.  And her talent does not go unnoticed, since she recently won a slot as a finalist in the Indie Band Search 2001.  Her eclectic CD, Radiate, has given her the reputation of collaborating different styles and rhythms and highlighting each with her own pure honesty. Curtis successfully rounds up the flair and funk that comprises Angels in the Round.

Come see the talented performers at Thrasher Opera House on Sat., Aug. 24 at 7:30 p.m.  Tickets are priced at $16 and are available at the Thrasher Opera House office, 920/294-4279, and also at Ripon Drug, Green Lake State Bank and Knowledge Emporium.  More information is available at    


Gabrielle, Jodi Sheeler and Emily Curtis all bring their own glamour to the group they comprise.  Separately they are wonderful, but together they are amazing.  Watch Angels in the Round sprinkle its realistic mysticism across the stage when they perform at the historic Thrasher Opera House in Green Lake, Wisconsin. 


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