Date:   9/28/2002

Clay Canfield Performs Country at Thrasher Opera House


Clay Canfield Performs Country at Thrasher Opera House


“Mix sweat with earth, throw in a little blood and you create your own person.”  This quote given by Kal Roberts, noted Nashville Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer, has been paralleled with that of the life and music of country singer Clay Canfield.


Clay Canfield is defined by Mike Dunbar of Ireland’s Country Music Plus magazine, as “the best unknown country artist in Nashville today.”  Well that won’t be for long.  On Sat., Sept. 28, Canfield will be bringing his amazing talent and flawless style of music to the historic Thrasher Opera House in Green Lake.


At the beginning of Canfield’s musical career, Canfield was an instant sensation.  For 12 years he was based out of Houston, Texas, and then signed with an independent label in Nashville.  Following that, he released four recordings, which all charted in Billboard magazine. 


Registered as a Native American Indian with the Osage Tribe, Canfield doesn’t hesitate to bring his heritage into his music.  His recently released album, The Comanche Session, is a “stripped –down acoustic gem,” according to Dunbar.  The music is simple and powerful, featuring just Canfield on guitar and harmonica.


Currently Canfield is working on a looser and funky form of country featured on an upcoming CD, “Country Resurrection,” along with Leonard Wayne Lowthian and Billy Don Burns.  His songs are known to be both broad in range and vision with writings comparative to such country legends as George Jones, Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings.  “If variety is the spice of life, Clay’s music is the spice of music,” states Dan Davis, Editor of I-40 Country News.


Canfield can give credit to learning the slide guitar from John Hammond, and his own creative incorporations has led him to play at major venues across the country.  These include: The Ice House (L.A.), The Bluebird Café (Nashville, TN), The Gaslight (N.Y.) and Virginia City (Houston, TX).  He also had four original songs choreographed and performed at Lincoln Center with Canfield himself playing the guitar on stage for the featured dancers. 


Now come see Clay Canfield for yourself on the historic stage of Thrasher Opera House, thanks to the generous sponsorship from the Heidel House, Lakeway Properties and Irvin & Co.  At 7:30 p.m. on Sept. 28, he will perform his unique styling that has awed music lovers since his debut.  He may be a great kept secret, but Canfield is slowly making his mark within the realms of country music. 


Tickets can be purchased at the Thrasher Opera House office, Knowledge Emporium, Green Lake State Bank, Bull Moose Mercantile or Ripon Drug for $14.  For more information, the office at the Opera House can be reached by calling 920/294-4279, or by logging onto or  


“I’ve traveled a lot of dusty roads on my journey to musical success,” admits Canfield.  “A lot of townsfolk have seen my face and heard me sing along the way, but they probably don’t remember my name.”  However, that statement may be proven false as Canfield’s musical journey continues, and one of his stops is in Green Lake.  So come and enjoy the music of Nashville’s very own, and best unknown, country music artist at the Thrasher Opera House on Sept. 28.


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