Date:   3/1/2003

New Website for Thrasher

Press Release


From the Secretary

New website for Thrasher makes its debut on April 14.


“This is really fun,” I thought to myself at this morning’s Thrasher Opera House Corporation marketing meeting, as we met with website consultant Ed Fischer and went over the plans for a redesigned Thrasher web site.


Using some of the funds from the “Raise the Curtain” campaign, the corporation elected to do a major overhaul of the existing web site, with on-line ticket sales as our main objective. However, we got into a much bigger project than that. What to put on the home page? A photo of the opera house? Of course, a welcome message. An opportunity for people to sign up for our electronic mailing list, so they can receive late-breaking announcements and have an opportunity to buy tickets before shows are sold out, as is the April concert by Roger McGuinn.


How about the look of things? Is the web site readable? Too plain? Too busy? The print must be large enough to be read by baby boomers who’ve begun to need reading glasses (who, me?).  We don’t want to mix too many fonts or it ends up looking like a ransom note!


Beyond the Upcoming Events and Latest News, we move to the “Events/Tickets” page, where there is a calendar filled with all kinds of events. Click on the name of an artist and you move to the “Artist Info” page, where you can see photos and read about upcoming performers like vocalist Terri Hendrix, performing in May with Lloyd Maines, guitarist and producer of the 2002 Grammy Award-winning Dixie Chicks album. From there you can click on a link to Terri’s own web site, and maybe hear an audio clip as well.


Fill out your customer information form. What information do we really need? How many blanks is a customer willing to fill out? We want to make it easy for people to add donations to their ticket orders, as private contributions are so important to this non-profit corporation.


Read an article from the archive of past Thrasher news releases. Take a virtual tour of the inside of the opera house, and see why performers and audience alike have been raving about the intimate atmosphere of the place. Read about the history of the place, from its days as a vaudeville and movie house to its years as a factory, to the dormant years as a degenerating storage facility with some of the ugliest siding in town! Thanks to the restoration work instigated by the late Ron Hagstrom and his family, the Thrasher opera house was restored to its present glory as a true community gathering place.


Starting the week of April 14, check out our work at and see why we’re proud of our latest creation. Now this gem of an opera house has a web site to match. If you haven’t yet attended a concert, I hope you’ll get a chance to do so in the near future. There’s something really special about experiencing a live performance along with friends and neighbors. The Thrasher Opera House is something wonderful, right here in our own back yard. Whether you buy your tickets on-line or not!


Maria Dietrich

Secretary, Thrasher Opera House Corporation



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