Date:   10/27/2001

Seven Nations to Appear at Thrasher

Seven Nations has a unique sound – a combination of Celtic Folk music and contemporary rock. Their followers, who are loyal and amazingly enthusiastic, travel long distances and go to any length to see the group perform. One fan, stating she sees them whenever they are in the Midwest, spoke of the ability of Seven Nations to adapt to any venue. “Last time I saw them perform was at an Irish Fest with seven thousand of their closest friends”. When the group appears at Thrasher Opera House in Green Lake on Saturday, October 27, the atmosphere will be significantly different. The intimacy of the House, which seats 200, is something that Seven Nation’s devotees will undoubtedly enjoy!


At first glance one would assume that the members of Seven Nations are from Scotland, Ireland, the origins of Celtic culture. But true to their unique nature Seven Nations members have their roots in the United States.  The group formed in New York in 1994 and released their first album, “Rain and Thunder” in 1995. That was followed by a second, “Old Ground”, released in the Fall of 1996. Seven Nations albums stand tribute to their fierce independence as they are both produced and distributed by the group.


1997 was a banner year for the group as they toured Scotland under the auspices of the National Trust of Scotland/Edinburgh; a true break-through for the American based Celtic band.  Later that year, another album was released followed by two more in 1998.

They also became the first American Celtic Band to receive a second invitation for engagements in Scotland sponsored by the Country’s Council.


1999 saw the group touring Scotland, as well as releasing their “Factory” album. A concert in San Juan, Puerto Rico, where over 1,000 fans braved high winds and rain to step dance to the upbeat tempo tunes of Seven Nations, was a highlight of the year. In 2000, the group released its new acoustic album, and undertook a massive six-month tour of 17 states.


This year, again on national tour, Seven Nations will appear at Hard Rock Café’s throughout the U.S. as well as a variety of other venues. Thrasher Opera House will be the site of one of those concerts on Saturday, October 27 at 7:30 when the sounds of Seven Nation will be heard in perhaps one of the most intimate venues of the group’s tour. For Thrasher it is new ground, since this is the first time a rock-style group has appeared here.


The show takes place due in large part to the enthusiasm of Director Roby Irvin. Sponsors from the community have also made significant contributions toward making Seven Nations appearance a reality. They include Creative Contractors, Central Marine Construction, Condon Oil Co., Bayview Motel, and McHale Home Furnishings. A few tickets remain for the show. Cost is $18 for Adults and $15 for Students and Seniors. Tickets can be obtained by calling Thrasher at 294-4279, or at ticket outlets at Green Lake State Bank, Knowledge Emporium or Ripon Pharmacy.


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