Date:   11/18/2001

Thrasherís Opera House History and Tour Offered

Itís been the site of a presidential memorial service, of many a school and community play, and of performances by internationally known artists.  Vaudeville troops stopped by to perform their acts.  Old and young came to dance the night away.  Even basketball games were played there.  During decades of being a movie house, the movie would stop when the mail came, then resume after folks had heard the latest from their relatives.

Thrasherís Opera House in Green Lake has been serving the communities all around it since 1910 when Charlie Thrasher saw to it that there would be a place in town where many kinds of events could bring people together.  Now a local, state and national historic site, the Opera House is busier than ever presenting many forms of the arts and providing a community gathering-place for a wide variety of events.

The public is invited to a special presentation on the history of the Opera House and its current programming plans on Thursday, September 20 at 10:30 a.m.  Alan Hagstrom, who has served as executive director for the past four years, will give the presentation and lead a brief tour of the facility.  Local residents or others who have a special remembrance about Thrasherís are especially encouraged to come and share their stories.

The presentation is occasioned by a chartered bus tour making a stop at the Opera House.  The event is free but attendees are encouraged to make a donation for the ongoing restoration and operation of the Opera House.

Thrasherís Opera House is located at 506 Mill Street in Green Lake.  Call 294-4279 or 888-441-0140 for more information.  Please visit our website at


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