Date:   10/5/2013

Peter Mulvey pedals into town during as part of his seventh annual bicycle tour

Veteran touring singer/songwriter, Peter Mulvey, will be biking to work again this fall.  Having spent the past decade traveling 60 to 70,000 miles a year between shows by car, he decided to start traveling throughout the Southern Wisconsin leg of his tour by bicycle. So mark your calendar for the seventh annual "Long Haul Tour" on Saturday, October 5, when Peter arrives in downtown Green Lake with another incredible singer/songwriter, and his opening act, Brianna Lane.

"I'm not an athlete, I'm a guitar player.  I've always enjoyed long rides; this just takes a little extra training.  And maybe people will hear about what I'm doing and think 'If he can do that, I can bike to work a couple times a week too'."

"On the longer distances, or if it rains, I might be cursing myself.  But honestly, I haven't regretted a minute I've spent on a bicycle.  And while I love to drive, I've become increasingly conscious of just how much gas I'm burning.  If I care about this place -- and I do -- it's time to try something different.  Besides, Wisconsin in September and October is awfully pretty.  I always look forward to seeing it at a more human pace."

Feel like biking along? Peter invites you to find the Google Maps "go by bike" route between the cities (full tour schedule at, and ride out to join them. "It might just work", he says. "It's time to get some sunburnt shins, fresh air, and the occasional quart of chocolate milk. See you at the shows".

Mulvey’s recorded works have brought him critical acclaim. He has scored music for theatre and modern dance, has had numerous songs featured in film and television including various WB programs and PBS documentaries, and is also highly regarded (and respected by his fellow musicians) as a serious disciple of the road.  Touring rigorously, year in and year out, has made him who and what he is.  Traveling from Ireland to Anchorage and all points in between, whether playing solo, duo, or with a full-on rock back, live performance is what defines his work and is where he shines. 

Brianna Lane writes and performs on an acoustic guitar as well as a banjo, crafting songs that are clear-eyed and pure with an integrity derived from her gritty, unflinching emotional honesty. Long time music-writer/author/rock-journalist Jim Walsh recently wrote that Brianna Lane is "a star in the making."

This special eco-conscience tour is supported by the Wisconsin Arts Board with funds from the State of Wisconsin, the Oshkosh Area Community Foundation and the Alliant Energy Foundation. Ticket price for Peter's Long Haul Tour concert are only $18 and can be purchased at Thrasher Office, Knowledge Emporium, Green Lake Bank (Green Lake), Ripon Drug and Pick ‘N Save (Ripon), Twister (Princeton) or by calling 920-294-4279. You can also order online at



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