Date:   10/31/2005

Songs, rhymes and stories abound with Mustard’s Retreat

One of the most highly-acclaimed folk duos in the country, Mustard’s Retreat, will be performing at Thrasher Opera House in Green Lake on Saturday, November 12 at 7:30 p.m.  In addition to the standard evening concert, Thrasher is thrilled to be offering a special afternoon family matinee beginning at 3:00 p.m., designed for audiences of the young and young-at-heart. Along with the special time is a ticket price of only $20 per family (limit 5), making it an exceptional value for an afternoon of lively entertainment.


In a folk world so peopled by somber, confessional songwriters, Mustard's Retreat are wonderfully unafraid to get silly with their audience, spinning out smartly goofy parodies, too-tall tales of wily rabbits and stupid frogs, hard-traveling cadavers and marauding techno-nerds. Whether performing for large festivals, tiny coffeehouses, at special shows for children or families, it clearly pleases them to please their audiences.


“When we do kids' shows,” said David (Tamulevich), Michael (Hough) and I never do stuff that plays down to their intellect. Our kids' shows really aren't that different from the adult shows. We don't assume we have to dumb it down for them, so the adults also seem to enjoy it. The kids see that we're not singing down to them, and I think they appreciate that.”


Spike Barkin, Lincoln Center writes, “…your high energy, genuine warmth, funny songs, beautiful voices, and good spirits still reverberate.  In over 25 years presenting music festivals and concerts I have never seen kids react and interact at a children's program as they did with your specially designed show....You guys were amazing.”


“Afternoon matinees are a bit new for us - but not all artists’ programs are as adaptable as Mustard’s Retreats - to allow for them.  We hope to see many young faces in the audience, as this is one concert we think parents ought to seriously consider bringing their children to,” says Roby Irvin, Executive Director.


Carol Green, Festival on the Green, Middlebury, VT, reinforces that opinion by saying,

You and Michael have such a nice way with children; your songs and stories are interesting and fun and you were able to capture the children's attention and imagination.  Over the past 15 years we have presented over 40 children's programs and Mustard's Retreat was the best musical performance we have had.” 



Tickets for the special afternoon matinee are $20 per family (limit 5) or $5 single and for the evening concert; $16. A special thank you to the Heidel House for sponsoring this event. Tickets available at the Thrasher office, Knowledge Emporium, Green Lake State Bank (Green Lake); Ripon Drug, Pick ‘N Save (Ripon); Twister (Princeton); Berlin Chamber (Berlin) or by calling (920)294-4279.  Online tickets available at


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