Missoula Children's Theatre: ALICE IN WONDERLAND
Missoula Children's Theatre: ALICE IN WONDERLAND

Due to the remaining concern of Covid-19, Missoula Children’s Theatre has updated its guidelines and protocols:

"We’re happy to report that to-date we’ve successfully completed 48 residency weeks in 16 states with 26 additional weeks happening between now and the end of May. This ongoing success is due to great collaboration between our home office, our tour teams, and each presenting organization working within guidelines set forth by each State/County/City along with the local health department and CDC guidelines in concert with MCT’s guidelines and protocols.Here are the two most critical aspects:

  • Tour actors, all cast members, participants, and audience members must wear masks for the entirety of the residency week. This requirement may become less stringent as we get further down the road but for now, this is in place to ensure the health and welfare of everyone involved. Our costume shop has created performance masks for all cast members to complement each costume.
  • Pre-register cast within MCT guidelines – an open audition is not an option. The full 2-hour audition will be orchestrated by our tour team but you manage who will be in attendance by following these guidelines. The upside to a pre-registered cast is that everyone registered, within our guidelines, will receive a role!” —Missoula Children’s Theatre


This June, we are limiting the number of participants, and we ask that children PRE-REGISTER for auditions.  Up to 44 students will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Registration opens on May 24 at 9:30 a.m.and you can sign up by calling the Thrasher office at 920-294-4279. Once the quota for each age group has been met, the cast will be considered full. Once registered, students will still partake in auditions on the first day of practice in order to be cast in their ‘specific’ role.

Cast needed for ALICE IN WONDERLAND this year: 10 students entering 1st grade through age 7, and 30 students, ages 8-18. In addition, up to 4 Assistant Directors - typically ages 12-18.

Performances:  Two performances of ALICE IN WONDERLAND will be presented on Saturday, June 26 at 3 p.m. and again at 5:30 p.m. Due to current guidelines and restrictions, we will be limiting the audience to only one parent/guardian/family member, per student, per show.  This current limitation is subject to change as we get closer to the day of the show, so please stay tuned.  

We look forward to Missoula week, as we always do. One thing that doesn’t change: kids connecting with one another and working together to put on a great show for their parents and loved ones. The theatre experience is not limited to the end result, it really is the journey that counts!

Our outlook on ‘getting things back to normal,’ is improving daily as the CDC guidelines continue to change. We understand that change can be challenging, however, we assure you that Thrasher expects to be going back to the regular open audition format and full-scale performances, next time. We appreciate your understanding and we know that students will still find this new experience just as enriching, fun, and rewarding as in year’s past.



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No cost to participate in the weeklong workshop.