Date:   12/4/2004

Thrasher presents Fox River String Band Christmas Show

Fox River String Band will perform its fourth annual Christmas Show at Thrasher Opera House in Green Lake, at 7:30 p.m., Saturday, December 4th.  According to Marv Nielsen, leader of the Fox River String Band, “The show will be a concert and a sing-along of both familiar Christmas songs and of old-time and folk songs in the spirit of Christmas.  The band could not be more excited.  The Christmas Show at Thrasher Opera House is the high point of our busy musical year.”


Nielsen explained, “We formed the Fox River String Band nearly five years ago with a goal of performing fun musical shows in and around the Green Lake County area.  The band includes George Doty, Dr. Terry Wepner, and Lance Buchholz from Berlin, and Peg Campion from Montello.  I’ve been singing all my life and have always loved singing and playing the “old-time” and “folk” style music.  I like music where you can understand both the words and the message.  My dad taught me to play the Hawaiian ukulele when I was five, and I’ve been playing guitar for over 40 years.  I guess my love for old-time, folk and bluegrass music sets the tone for the band’s music.”


George Doty learned to play guitar and banjo from his dad when he was 12 years old.    He continued teaching himself over the years, always preferring the folk and bluegrass style of music.  He now sings and plays lead guitar and banjo with the band with a “folk” style that adds a very nice flavor to the band’s sound.


Peg Campion from Montello sings and plays rhythm guitar.  Her family was always very musical with her dad playing piano and mom always leading the singing of the old-time songs.  Peg began playing guitar at age 10 and has been playing and singing ever since.  You will particularly appreciate Peg’s beautiful alto voice on both solos and harmony.


Dr. Terry Wepner, Chiropractor from Berlin, plays both stand-up and electric bass, and pleases audiences with his vocal renditions of several humorous songs.  Terry began playing bass in the fifth grade, and studied classical music for many years.  He played in the Wisconsin Youth Symphony for four years, in the Oshkosh Civic Symphony for eleven years, and in a polka band during college.


Lance Buchholtz was a charter member of the band five years ago, as the bass player and bass vocalist.  However, a year later he had to drop out because his work hours with the sheriff's office.  The band is pleased that he has recently rejoined as bass vocalist, playing guitar instead of bass.  Lance has a great ear for vocal harmony, once again giving the band "four part vocal harmony."  Lance, who has been singing most of his life, and plays both guitar and electric bass, lives in Berlin with his wife and family.


Tickets for this evening of holiday merriment are $8 and can be purchased at Thrasher Opera House, Knowledge Emporium, Green Lake State Bank, and Ripon Drug.  Or call 920/294-4279 or 888/441-0140.


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