Date:   6/1/2004

'Trout Fishing in America' ushers in Father's Day

Come celebrate Father’s Day this year with the award-winning duo, Trout Fishing in America, performing at Thrasher Opera House on June 19, 2004 at 7:30 p.m.  Known around the world for their “… solid story-telling lyrics and rich instrumentation …with tongue(s) firmly placed in cheek(s) … TFIA just wants you to have fun and not take the whole thing too seriously.” Offbeat.


Can it really be 25 years?  Though they play with the passion of kids half their age, Keith Grimwood and Ezra Idlet’s longtime friendship and musical partnership predates the internet boom, the compact disc and even the Carter presidency.  Known collectively as Trout Fishing in America, Grimwood and Idlet continue to win new fans with original songs that illustrate their unique way of looking at the world.  Their well crafted sound is anchored in Idlet’s melodic guitar, Grimwood’s upright bass, and their exceptional vocal power.  At 6’9” Ezra Idlet physically towers above his partner Keith Grimwood, 5’ 51/2”.  Closer observation of these two talented performers reveals a type of synergy that few artists achieve in a lifetime.  The size difference may be what initially catches the eye, but the distinctive songs, superb musicianship, intelligence, humor, charm, and performance skill is what has built their loyal and diverse fan base.


Fate brought Grimwood and Idlet together when both were living in Houston in the mid-70’s. “Ezra was in a band called St. Elmo’s Fire,” Grimwood says, “and I was in a band called the Houston Symphony.”  Grimwood was a fan of St. Elmo Fire’s and found himself without a job during a union lockout.  Meanwhile, St. Elmo’s Fire’s bassist quit and the band drafted Grimwood into the fold.  He and Idlet immediately became fast friends and performed the off gig together as Trout Fishing in America (named after Richard Brautigan’s classic late ‘60’s novel).


In 1990, they recorded Truth is Stranger than Fishin’ for their own label, Trout Records.  The duo still releases their CD’s (a total of 10 including; Closer to the Truth, 1999, and their 2001 Grammy nominated children’s release; inFINity) on Trout Records and have earned multiple national awards.  Trout Fishing in America’s album sales have passed the quarter of a million mark; an impressive feat for a group with no MTV exposure or Top 40 hits.  Instead, they have played large and small venues across North America and even a couple of trips to Europe, picking up fans young and old on each swing.  Their longtime fans know that every time Trout Fishing in America comes to town, it is a reunion with old friends. 


Tickets for the concert are $20 and be purchased at the Thrasher Opera House office, Knowledge Emporium, Green Lake State Bank, Bloch’s Farm, Ripon Drug, and Bull Moose Mercantile or ON-LINE at  For more information call 920-294-4279 or 888-441-0140.



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