Date:   8/1/2003

A musical journey through the sagebrush . . .



Saddle up your imagination for a ride to the Old West as KG & the Ranger present an evening of classic cowboy songs, yodeling and trick rope-spinning.  Join us at the historic Thrasher Opera House on August 1, at 8:00 pm (County Fair weekend), to experience for yourself, a performance reminiscent of the Will Rogers and Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Shows of long ago. 

Take a musical journey back in time as Harmony Yodeling Champions, Karen Gogolick and Rick Roltgen, bring a bit of the American West to stage singing songs of Hollywood's singing cowboys (and cowgirls): Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, The Sons of The Pioneers, Patsy Montana and many more!   The duo’s voices blend in close harmony (they even yodel in harmony!) creating truly memorable versions of these vintage songs. With guitar, banjo and harmonica accompaniment, they also include western swing songs, traditional trail songs and modern compositions about cowboys. Their humor is infectious and entertaining as they pass along nuggets of cowboy wisdom and an occasional “trail tip” along the way. 

Ranger Rick's trick rope-spinning and hand-carved props help set the scene.  Add colorful costumes, sure to bring back memories of Roy and Dale, and smooth harmonies, and what you get is a performance that is exciting and fun for all ages!  “Their beautiful harmonies and tow-tapping renditions of traditional western tunes are a real crowd pleasers. . .”,  Brian Downes, Buffalo Bill Camp coordinator, Circus World Museum.

Tickets for this exciting performance are $8 Adults, $6 Seniors & Students and are now available ON-LINE at  They can also be purchased at the Opera House office (located next to the Opera House), Knowledge Emporium, Green Lake State Bank, Bull Moose Mercantile (Princeton), and Ripon Drug, or by calling 920-294-4279.


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