Date:   7/26/2003

Switchback’s music hits an “everybody” note!



On Saturday, July 26, at 8:00 pm, Brian FitzGerald and Marty McCormack of the duo Switchback will be bringing their unique brand of Americana to the stages of the historic Thrasher Opera House in beautiful downtown Green Lake.


Switchback’s electrifying music, which ranges from traditional Irish, to rock and blues classic, to their own unique style of rockabilly, is a sound so upbeat and danceable, it is sure to make even the most sedentary get up on their feet!  After experiencing a  live performance of Switchback, Donna Eckberg, from FolkFire Review commented, “It’s difficult to sit still in their presence … It is captivating to have this songwriting backed by so much emotion.”


Years of classical training and session work with Chicago’s jazz greats have built Brian FitzGerald’s style, making him one of the most acclaimed mandolin and guitar players in the Midwest today.  Marty McCormack, who contributes solid bass guitar lines and vibrant vocals to the mix, brings along a bit of brogue, a gift of gab, and a generally wandering way of being to the duo.  Between the two, they generate enough energy that surprisingly sounds like a band of eight!   


Switchback’s range of music has been linked to just about every genre there is (save rap).  Although the ability to go from blasting rock to foot-stomping country to a haunting melody and back again assures a style to please just about everyone, it’s their many original songs written by the duo that are the backbone and essence of Switchback.

 “In a time that pop artists are under increasing pressure to fit a narrow, commercial formula, Switchback bucks the trend,” says Kevin McKeoug of Chicago Metromix.


For their seventh album, Switchback employed the services of legendary music producer, Texan Lloyd Maines.  Maines helped bring the CD, titled The Fire That Burns, to a full-band recording level that “took the duo sound and worked it sensitively into a full-band performance”, according to McCormack.  Sales of the CD, released in Autumn of 2002, as well as the increasing number of fans discovering the superb musicianship and stage presence of the band, is evidence of the band’s continued growth and popularity. And now – on July 26, we can see for ourselves at the historic Opera House, what those many fans already know . . .   


Tickets for the evening’s concert are $15 and are now available ON-LINE at  They can also be purchased at the Opera House office (located next to the Opera House), Knowledge Emporium, Green Lake State Bank, Bull Moose Mercantile (Princeton), and Ripon Drug, or by calling 920-294-4279.


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