Date:   6/1/2003

Thrasher Opera House from a performer’s perspective.

Imagine the anxiety!  It’s 15 minutes before “curtain time” and you notice your palms sweating, your hands shaking, and you’re wondering, “What am I doing here?”  As the introductions are being made and the band takes the stage, you realize this is it.  This is what all the practicing, shedding, and slaving over your instrument is for – the big game!


As you set the meter for the first tune, and the band comes in like a chorus shouting in your ear, you forget about the crowd, the anxiety, the practicing, and you relax and let the notes flow.  As you converse with the other musicians in a dialogue specific to the chorale harmonies surrounding you, your expression of moment is shared with all those who have come to listen.  When the dialogue ends and you’ve spoken your message, the other band members respond in their specific interpretive manner that separates each musician as they share their unique voice with the other band members and audience.  It’s this dialogue for sharing of ideas that propels the musician to stretch and reach for another way to express themselves. If lucky, there is a recipient that connects with that voice and what’s being said that elevates the mood and that person is left with a feeling that only music can stimulate. 

It’s these reasons that we musicians treasure places where our message can be received and appreciated.  That is what makes the Thrasher Opera House (TOH) so unique.  Maybe it’s the acoustic s or maybe the historical surroundings that drive musicians back to the TOH.  Or, perhaps the receptive and appreciative audiences that makes performing at the TOH so special.  After George Winston performed last December (2002), he took the time to write to us about the unique experience he had playing at the TOH and requested another opportunity to return and perform – the ultimate compliment!

We have a treasure in our small community of Green Lake.  It’s only a matter of time before the word gets out that few places still exist that can elevate the musical experience to the level achieved at the TOH, for both player and audience.  If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of becoming captive by one of the many fine talents that have performed here, you are indeed in for a treat that you’re not likely to forget for a long time.

Here a few other comments made by musicians that have performed at the TOH:

George Winston, pianist, commented after his October 7, 2002 performance, “I love playing at the Thrasher Opera House; great acoustics, great piano, a great feeling, and an enthusiastic staff dedicated to the arts.”

“I think Lloyd (Maines) and I ought to bring some of our Texas friends up here and do a Fund Raiser for y’all . . we just love it here!”, said Terri Hendrix after their return appearance on May 9 & 10, 2002.

For a complete list of performers appearing at the historic Thrasher Opera House in 2003, please visit our NEW website at or call 920-294-4279.

Steve Yeomans, Board of Directors
Thrasher Opera House


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