Date:   10/18/2002

Acoustic Visionary, Pierre Bensusan, comes to the historic Thrasher Opera House

Acoustic Visionary, Pierre Bensusan, comes to the historic Thrasher Opera House


Pierre Bensusan, the man revered as the “godfather of sophisticated six-string music” by The Irish Times of Ireland, will be performing at the historic Thrasher Opera House in Green Lake on Friday, Oct. 18 at 7:30 p.m.  


Born in Oran, French-Algeria and raised in Paris, Bensusan began studying piano at the age of 7 but by age 11 was teaching himself to play guitar.  The revival of folk music during the 1960's in Britain, France and North America heavily influenced Bensusan's early experimentation with acoustic guitar, as he first began to explore his own diverse musical heritage and then moved to horizons beyond.  At 17, he signed his first recording contract.  Only one year later, Pierre Bensusan began the climb toward his presently astounding reputation when his first album Pres de Paris (1976) won the Grand Prix du Disque upon his debut at the Montreux Festival in Switzerland.


Today, Pierre Bensusan's name has become synonymous with contemporary acoustic guitar genius, long before the term New Age or World Music was invented.  "One of the most admired and copied guitarists of the last 20 years," writes Acoustic Guitar Magazine.


International tours and innovative recordings have established him as, in the words of pianist George Winston, “one of the truly gifted musicians of our time - he plays the guitar as if it were the very soul of himself.  Pierre is a musician who takes chances, and as such, he is delving into many unique and previously unexplored techniques and sounds."  Working exclusively in the unusual DADGAD tuning, Pierre has developed a bittersweet melodic approach that incorporates Folk, Celtic, Jazz, Impressionist, Brazilian, Mediaeval, Latin, North African rhythms, wordless vocals and soulful French ballads and songs.


“Each of us can recall a special voice that moves us to emotion, inspires our imagination and enriches our soul,” states Anil Prasad.  “For acoustic music aficionados across the world, that voice is Pierre Bensusan’s singular guitar sound.  Passionate, graceful and lyrical, Bensusan’s approach tells tales as beautifully and descriptively as any master storyteller.”


The French Champagne countryside, near Paris, is home for Bensusan, who tours several times a year throughout Europe, North American and Asia.  His recently released album, Intuite, received the 2002 AFIM (Association for Independent Music) Award for Best Acoustic Instrumental Album.  Bensusan has also released numerous concert and instructional videos, as well as three instructional books in the alternate tuning DAGDAD. 



Now, thanks to the generous sponsorship from Special Properties and the Heidel House Resort, world-renowned Pierre Bensusan, will play with the passion, soul and intensity that audiences around the globe have enjoyed.   Leo Kottke describes Bensusan’s musical effects in the simple phrase, “Pierre’s music gives me the shakes.  No other guitarist shares his strange gifts of sophistication, accessibility and downright joy.  Even at its most complex, Pierre’s music only needs ears to be enjoyed.”  Come to the historic Thrasher Opera House to experience this same thrill and excitement that, according to legendary guitarist, Steve Vai, appeals “directly to the tender side of our human nature."  Yet, it is all from the single guitar and individual skill of Pierre Bensusan.     


Tickets are priced at $16, and can be purchased at the Thrasher Opera House office, Green Lake State Bank, Knowledge Emporium, Bull Moose Mercantile, and Ripon Drug.  For more information, the Opera House office can be reached at 920/294-4279.  Details are also provided at the websites and


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