Date:   2/20/2002

Fall Concert Series at Thrasher

Announcing the Fall Concert Series at the Historic Thrasher Opera House


Experience a series of amazing talent to welcome a lush and colorful autumn at the historic Thrasher Opera House.  The talent comprising this year’s Fall Series will impress and enthrall with each performer’s presence on the Opera House stage. 


The Series begins with the stunning performances of John Harmon and Janet Planet, whose two distinguished talents will come together on Sept. 21.  Planet has been described to inhabit “each song’s genre and mood, shifting seamlessly from classic pop to very 90’s Latin.”  And paired with the distinguished pianist and 1998 Jazziz Award winner, John Harmon, they will certainly impress and no doubt entertain.  George Winston follows the jazzy duo with musical stylings classified as about two-thirds R&B/rock/standards and about one-third melodic music.  Winston has awed music fans with his skills on the piano since 1980 with the release of the first of seven solo piano albums, Autumn.  Now on Oct. 7, 2002, he will continue to amaze the crowd, but this time right up front in the intimate setting of the historic Thrasher Opera House.  Before the last leaves fall from the trees, Randy Sabien along with bassist Brian Q. Torff, will summon the finale of the Thrasher Opera House Fall Series on Nov. 16, through a tribute performance to Stephane Grappelli, the late “violin virtuoso.” 


These performances are available for the community’s entertainment and pleasure partly through the generous sponsorship of Gagne Ford, Sleeping Gypsy, WBJZ and Blue Moose Mercantile.  All three events begin at 7:30 p.m. with musical quality that cannot be described as anything less than “fabulous.” 


Tickets for the Fall Concert Series can be purchased at the Thrasher Opera House office (next to the Thrasher Opera House) at the discounted price of $65 until Aug. 31.  For more information, call the Thrasher Opera House office at 920/294-4279 or by logging onto


Each musical styling is brought to the community with a mixture of jazz and originality that makes each concert unique and memorable, and yet causes one to ponder which performance outranks the others.  The answer…they are all on a ranking entirely their own and worth equally exceptional praise.  Enjoy three phenomenal shows in the historic and intimate location of Thrasher Opera House; it will be an experience that won’t be forgotten.


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