Date:   1/1/2003

Behind the Scenes

Thrasher Opera House – Behind the Scenes


What does it mean when musical-great George Winston says, “I love playing at the Thrasher Opera House.  Great acoustics, piano, and a great feeling, and an enthusiastic staff dedicated to the arts”?  And 55 youngsters from kindergarten through twelfth grade astonish opera house audiences with their singing, dancing, and acting skills, all acquired in just one week through the Missoula Children’s Theater?  And award winning artists from all fields of music, from around the world, ASK to return to Thrasher Opera House?


These successes mean that “someone” is doing something right to make Thrasher Opera House a gem of cultural resources tucked in an area of beautiful natural resources.  Truth be told, there is no single someone.   This is the first in a series of monthly articles about Thrasher Opera House, written by the many different “someones” who bring the opera house to life.


The purpose of this series is to answer questions you may have about the opera house and even some that probably never even occurred to you.  How did the opera house get from vaudeville, to silent films, to talkies, to today’s live performances?  Who’s running the show now?  Who owns the building? Who determines the programming; who finds and books artists for performances? How are artists paid, considering that ticket sales never cover the entire cost of an artist’s fee?  What kinds of things do artists ask for before a performance?


My name is Nancy Hill.  I’m President of the Thrasher Opera House Board of Directors.  My job is to know the answers to these and many other questions.  But I’m not telling.  Not yet.  First you will hear from others in the community by whose efforts the opera house offers something good for just about everybody.  You’ll hear from other board members, staff, volunteers, event sponsors, members of the community. 


Of course, if you can’t wait for the next installment or you have a question you think would be of interest to readers, you can always call the opera house, 920-294-4279.  The opera house is “of the community, by the community, for the community,” so we’re always happy to hear from you. 


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