Date:   12/9/1999

Green Lake Students add to historic Building

It is not easy to find a way to put your mark on a historic building, but students at Green Lake Public School were given that opportunity.  A group of about 8 seventh grade art students, members of art teacher Jayne Dillie's 2nd quarter class, produced something special for Thrasher's Opera House in Green Lake.

Earlier this year, Dillie was approached by the manager of the historic theatre building, Alan Hagstrom, for some help.  Thrasher's is working toward getting the building ready for movie and video presentations;  one thing hindering the ability to do so was the fact that the walls were lined with windows.  To solve that problem, Hagstrom asked if the students could decorate some boards to cover the windows.

So, over the course of a couple of weeks, the students tastefully decorated the large boards.  Over seven different boards, students painted silhouettes of Victorian era people:  both adults and children, male and female.  These boards were completed about a week ago by the students.  Although not currently installed at Thrasher's, they are ready for use!  They will certainly be a useful addition to the historic building.


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