Date:   8/5/2011

Loss, Armstrongs & members of the Dead Horse Band perform benefit concert for Thrasher

Please join us at the Thrasher Opera House on Saturday, August 5 at 7:30 p.m. for an evening of great acoustic folk & bluegrass music thanks to the generosity of Scott Loss, Andy, Bill & Mike Armstrong.  Accompanying them onstage will be members of the popular local band, and last year's winner of Green Lake's Battle of the Bands, Dead Horses.

Scott has played in several bands after moving to Colorado full-time in the early eighties, encompassing rock, jazz, country and bluegrass. Frequent visits to Telluride Bluegrass Festival helped him network with notable players from Boulder to Durango, where he performed in the Shady Grove Duo and The Rusty Razor Band. 

In Avon, he appears alternately with The Loss Cause band, performing solo, and occasionally making some noise with the Laughing Bones. Scott follows in the Texas singer/songwriter tradition writing about experiences of traveling and misadventure.

Andy has played in various rock and folk groups since the late 70's. Living and playing in such cities as Chicago, IL, Atlanta, GA, Philadelphia, PA and New York City before finally settling down in Ripon, WI, where he started the band 'I Drank with Frank' playing on and off nearly 10 years playing local clubs in the area. Influences include John Prine, James Taylor, Neil Young and The Who. Andy continues to explore a wide variety of musical styles playing as often as family time allows.

The group, Dead Horses, evolved partly out of an electric blues/rock band that Daniel Wolff and Tyler Shea started a few years ago. Today, their mandolin player, Nick Shea, shares vocal, keyboard and guitar duties with his brother Tyler Shea, who also adds harmonica to their unique roots sound - a combination of folk, rock, bluegrass, and more. With Daniel Wolff on bass and backing vocals, Andy Booher on drums and Sarah Voswinkel on vocals and guitar, the Dead Horses can really fill up a room with lively music and sweet harmonies.  

Tickets for this evening of great tunes are only $12, with all proceeds to benefit the historic Thrasher Opera House, a non-profit organization. A special thanks to Scott, Andy and the band!



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