Date:   10/11/2008

Magic Spectacular: Master illusionist Bill Blagg III and his special brand of magic coming to Green Lake for two shows!

He is one of the biggest rising stars in the world of magic and illusion and on October 11 Bill Blagg III will give two mind-blowing performances at the Thrasher Opera House in Green Lake, including a matinee.


His nationally touring show is called “Imagine:  A Night of Magic & Illusion,” which Blagg put together with the help of Don Wayne, David Copperfield’s long time magic consultant. The performance consists of highly interactive grand scale magic and illusion that will have the entire audience taking part in the show, including someone being chosen to levitate over 4’ high on stage.


The show will also feature Blagg’s signature effect – the dancing handkerchief. “The dancing hanky is the man,” the 28 year old joked. “The handkerchief has always been a crowd favorite, it’s just not something you see everyday,” he continued.  


That trick is what got him noticed in the world of magic a decade ago. He chose to put his skills to the test in 1998 by entering the adult stage competition at the Abbott Magic Get Together in Colon, MI, which is also hailed as the magic capital of the world. Magic had been Bill’s life for over twelve years, he had performed hundreds of shows, and it all hinged on a single, five minute routine; his dancing handkerchief. He had just turned eighteen, barely old enough to enter the competition, and he was about to make magic history by becoming the youngest contestant to ever win the prestigious event. It also put him in the company of past winners such as Lance Burton and Jeff McBride both who currently headline shows in Las Vegas.


Afterward, a number of other contestants wanted to know how he made the handkerchief appear to have a mind and personality all its own.  “When you amaze other magicians you know you’ve done something right,” he said. 


Blagg is looking forward to his show at the Thrasher because it’s such an amazing historic venue. He’s widely known for his interactive style of magic which will be perfectly complemented by the Thrasher’s intimate nature. It’ll be a rare opportunity to interact up close and personal with one of magic’s top stars.


His performances at 3:00pm and 7:00pm on October 11th will of course have his dancing hanky trick, along with a women being cut in half vertically, an audience member floating above the stage, and a few other surprises Blagg has up his sleeve. “It’s unconventional,” he said, but that keeps the show interesting. “It’s going to be a great time. It’s a show that the whole family can enjoy,” said Blagg.


Blagg’s show has recently been featured on FOX, CBS, and NBC television.  The Milwaukee Journal has exclaimed that his show is “a must see event” and the Chicago Tribune calls his performances “simply amazing.”  Entertainment USA raves that Blagg’s grand-scale magic and illusion are “absolutely electrifying.”  Blagg’s performances promise to be magic spectacular!

For this particular performance we will be offering a 3p.m. afternoon matinee with a special ticket price of $12 adults and $10 students.  Tickets for the 7:30 p.m. evening performance will be $18 adults and $10 students.  All tickets and can be purchased at the Thrasher office, Knowledge Emporium, Green Lake Bank (Green Lake); Pick N’ Save, Ripon Drug (Ripon); Twister (Princeton) or by calling (920) 294-4279.  Online tickets available at 


This program is supported in part by a grant from the Wisconsin Arts Board with funds from the State of Wisconsin and the National Endowment for the Arts, with additional support received from the Green Lake Bank and the Oshkosh Area Community Foundation.



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