Date:   1/27/2007

" Shout Sister Shout" a 1930’s and 40’s Jazz Tribute

Sit back…close your eyes…and see how long it takes to transport back to the era that brought us such jazz greats as Porter, Fitzgerald, Holiday, Cole, and Vaughn.  On Saturday, January 27, 7:30 p.m., at the historic Thrasher Opera House in Green Lake, Shout Sister Shout, a show performed by the folk foursome Steppin’ In It, accompanied by singer-songwriter, Rachael Davis, will pay tribute to the smoky, sophisticated sound of that era. 

After playing concerts as a double bill, Rachael Davis and the boys from Steppin’ In It found a common love for Jazz music of the 1930’s and ‘40’s. The summer of 2006 found the two acts working at the same festivals, which led to joining each other for a classic tune by Nat King Cole or Billie Holiday during their respective sets. By mid summer, the quintet was dubbed ‘Shout Sister Shout’ and an album was in the works.

Although both are known nationally for their folk repertoire, Shout Sister Shout stretches them in the realm of old-time American Jazz with torch swing numbers alongside bluesy ballads. Steppin’ In It, known for their revival of old-time music, provide the perfect backdrop for Rachael Davis who posses a voice that demands your attention.

“The quintet is a tribute to the smoky, sophisticated sound of 1930s and '40s jazz, with plenty of influence from Cole Porter, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Nat King Cole Trio and Sarah Vaughan, and it's a trip to hear Davis channel those old greats. Of course, it doesn't hurt to have a bunch of guys playing the hell out of vintage instruments as backup.” The Metro Times- Detroit, MI 

Tickets for Shout Sister Shout; Steppin’ In It with Rachael Davis are only $16 and are available at Thrasher office, Knowledge Emporium, Green Lake State Bank (Green Lake); Ripon Drug and Pick ‘n Save (Ripon); and Twister (Princeton); Berlin Chamber of Commerce, or by calling (920)294-4279.  For more information or to order tickets online, visit


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