Date:   6/21/2006

Don Peachey Band. Have fun…come dancing at Thrasher.

Okay, so if you think we haven’t had musical variety enough…here’s a new one for you.  The Polka/ Big Band/Waltz & Foxtrot music of one of Wisconsin’s longest performing polka bands; The Don Peachey Band.  Put your dancing shoes on and head over to Thrasher Opera House, in beautiful downtown Green Lake, on Saturday, July 8 from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. and kick up your heals to an evening of Peachey’s high-energy and highly danceable music.

The Don Peachey Band played their first public dance in June of 1951, released their first recordings in 1957, and except for 2 years in the army, the Orchestra has kept a busy schedule playing for many loyal fans in Wisconsin since.  

Through their recorded music (14 albums) and touring the polka circuit, they have become one of the most visible and more popular bands from Wisconsin - and when it comes to great dance music, they rank right on top.  Thousands of loyal fans continue to follow Peachey's career closely - even after all these years.

Down through the decades they have accumulated an impressive list of best-selling songs, including novelty songs like “Horsie Keep Your Tail Up,” “Last Night on the Back Porch,” “Singing In The Kitchen” and “Don't Bring LuLu.”  Other standouts were “That's Where My Money Goes,” “I Love Everybody,” “Skirts,” and “Spanish Two-Step.” They also have a Christmas CD called "We Love Christmas" that has become a favorite at Christmastime for many families.

Accordionist Don Peachey was inducted into the Polka Hall of Fame in 1999 after many years of pleasing audiences by making appearances at all the leading ballrooms.  Other members of this very active and sought-after band are: multi-instrumentalist, John Peachey, who sets the familiar smooth-flowing rhythms on drums, banjo and style-setting trumpet; Mary Peachey Dittrich who plays the saxophone and is the featured vocalist; Bill Anding who is a master of all the reed instruments from tenor sax and clarinet to alto and baritone; Leroy Godfroy who renders those ‘can't sit this one out’ tempo on drums and has more than one birthday a year; Brett Schroeder, keyboardist who has the piano parts down pat for this 'band of a 1,000 times'; and on the big bass horn is Bernie Hoppe who people like to hear belting out a good bass run or bombastic bass solo.

Easy to dance to and fun to listen to ... their music is truly 100% pure enjoyment. 

Tickets for this event are only $8 each and can be purchased at the Thrasher Office, Knowledge Emporium, Green Lake State Bank, Ripon Drug, Pick ‘N Save, or at Twister (Princeton), or by calling 920-294-4279. You can also order online at


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