Party for the Arts 2020: Online Virtual Game Night
Party for the Arts 2020:
Online Virtual Game Night

Here’s all you need to know for an easy, fun, & competitive evening:
1. Make your "base camp” a location with good internet. Lacking internet? We will have a limited number of tables here at Thrasher where your group can gather to play. You will have access to the bar, tech help, and fast internet! Call 920.294.4279 to reserve.

2. You will need two smart devices. A phone and a laptop/large screen device work great!

3. Make sure those devices are updated and fully charged before the event.

4. Think of a team name and get ready to BRING IT!

5. Log in to the link we send you on the night of the event, and our game show host will take it from there. A couple of easy clicks and you are on your way to competing for our fabulous prizes!


Ticket price(s):
Per Person  $100.00
Team of 4 - Includes 1 wine, 4 koozies  $375.00
Team of 6 - Includes 2 wines, 6 koozies, snacks  $550.00

Looking for a Team of 8? Call 920.294.4279 to reserve!

Sorry, tickets are not available on-line
within 24 hours of the event.
Please contact our office at 920-294-4279 or
one of our ticket outlets for information.