Tim Shelton
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Some artists find their groove, develop an audience, and, once that’s done, never stray from the comfort zone they’ve created for themselves and their fans—and for them, that’s fine. But that’s not Tim Shelton’s way. And so, after sharing in the creation of NewFound Road and spending a dozen years guiding the quartet’s transformation from a purely Gospel group into one of Bluegrass music’s most distinctive and admired ensembles, the acclaimed singer is trading the safety of familiar ground and an established career to head for new musical territory.
"I’ve actually been thinking about this for years,” Shelton says. "I’ve always loved and appreciated all kinds of music, and it was almost nagging at me that I wanted to do something else. But NewFound Road was busy in Bluegrass, and we’d finally gotten to the point where we were comfortable, so it seemed a little silly to change. But then [mandolinist] Joe Booher came in and said, ‘I think I’m ready for a break from traveling.’ Well, he’d been with me for seven years, so it caught me off guard. But I thought about it, and literally the next day, I decided, I’m done. I didn’t want to deal with reinventing NewFound Road, I’d been wanting to do other things musically, to go other places, and so I thought, now is the time.”
Tim’s energies and talents were invested in NewFound Road and from its first, self-titled album, the group’s reputation—and personal appearance calendar—grew steadily. By the time of their release in 2011, Shelton was the sole founding member left in the group, presiding over a widely-acclaimed quartet that could knock out a hard-driving bluegrass original, give a fresh take on a classic.
So while there’s no doubt that Tim Shelton has the breadth of vision and talent to take a new direction, it’s equally certain that it’s the kind of move that only an artist, driven more by conviction and curiosity than by a desire for security, would make. "I just want to make music that isn’t necessarily traditional Bluegrass. I love it, but I also love James Taylor, Jackson Browne, Rock, hard Rock, traditional Country—all of those. Just music.

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