Susan Werner

Sponsored by Boerson Farm

Tickets will be available at the door tonight!  Doors open at 6:45 p.m. Concert begins at 7:30 p.m.

Susan's newest project contains twelve songs on the subject matter of farming, rural America, locavores, food safety, and the comic potential of herbicides. Werner grew up on a family farm in eastern Iowa, where her parents still farm and in "Hayseed", she returns to the language and characters she knows best. 
A Note from Susan - 
Friends, old and new; Thanks for stopping by this site and giving this project your consideration.
Here's the short story: My parents are farmers. My grandparents were all farmers.My great grandparents on both sides, all farmers. And my great great grandparents, too, and all the way back across the ocean and as far as anybody can trace.
But me? Slacker. Drifter. Songwriter.
And now there are changes afoot out on the prairie. Some are made of more personal stuff, happening to people and places I know and love.
But some are quite public, like this year's drought, like the growing interest in farms and farmers and in the politics of food. I didn't know these changes would churn up so much, but the songs just started showing up, funny, tender, sweet and outrageous songs, and they keep showing up.
My charity partners for this PledgeMusic campaign will be:
 1) Practical Farmers of Iowa, Ames, IA
 2) Midwest Organic and Sustainability Education Service (M.O.S.E.S.), Spring Valley, WI, and
 3) The Land Institute, Salina, KS
These organizations are working to:
 1) Preserve and strengthen family size farms in my home state of Iowa
 2) Foster organic agriculture across the Midwest, across the U.S. and around the world
 3) Develop new perennial and sustainable crops for the climate and conditions of the future. Pledge Music will be setting aside 10% of all proceeds from this campaign for these organizations, right from dollar one.
I'm not a farmer. I lack these two essentials: know how, and patience. But with some know how as a writer and musician, I hope I can honor the people and the place that raised me, help secure a sustainable future for farmland and farming, and entertain a whole lotta people, too.
And as for a pledge campaign, you may think, "Hey, can't she get her funding from a record company?"  It's my experience that songs that touch on unusual subjects such as 1) herbicides 2) snowmobiles 3) asparagus 4) dogs with missing limbs and 5) salmonella aren't the kind of songs that excite music business professionals. So this project will have to be a home grown one in every way.
Thanks again, and, as they say in Iowa, mmmmm-bye.


This program is supported in part by a grant from the Wisconsin Arts Board with funds from the State of Wisconsin and the National Endowment for the Arts.
Accommodations by the Heidel House Resort & Spa.



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7:30 p.m.  (Doors open at 6:45 p.m. )

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