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Current exhibit by artist Elaine Coll
Elaine Coll exhibit

The latest exhibit at the Thrasher Opera House gallery features 23 colorful botanical-based monotype prints by Oshkosh artist Elaine Coll, composed from fresh or dried flora found in nature or taken from a plant in someone's house or office.

Elaine Coll at press

Coll often includes other found objects such as lace, onion bags, string, feathers, or baling twine, looking for possibilities for raw materials on her daily travels. The monotype format allows the textures of the leaves, stems, flowers, and other parts of the plants to combine with the texture of the paper, and the colors of the ink provide an organic feel. Her work can be put through the press several times with the same paper but different inks and objects and in different arrangements.

Elaine Coll is the founder of the modern-day womenís intercollegiate athletic program at Ripon College. Beginning her career in 1973, she organized competition and coached womenís volleyball, basketball and track and field. Her teams won 10 conference championships during her 20-year career. After her retirement in 1993, she remained active at Ripon for 24 more years, teaching a regular noon-hour fitness class for faculty and staff.

The Thrasher gallery is located at 510 Mill St., Green Lake, WI, 54941. The gallery is open to the public weekdays from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. and is accessible to concert patrons on event nights. Elaine Collís exhibit will be up through the end of August.

If you are a visual artist and would like to be considered for an exhibit at the Thrasher gallery, please contact Rachael Avery at

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