Art Exhibits
Stop in and view our current exhibit by Katie Lang
Katie Lang
Katie Lang, a Ripon, Wisconsin-based artist is known for her bright and creative illustrations and hand painted signs. Using mediums such as acrylic paints and Sharpie (ink) markers, Katie designs abstract views of floral, architecture, and landscapes. She began drawing and painting at an early age, with her mother as her art teacher. She has always been inspired by bright and cheerful objects, line drawings, and enjoys abstract art and impressionism.

Katie attended Columbia College Chicago where she majored in Arts, Entertainment, Media Management. She is currently working on her own business, Penny Peony Designs, where she creates bright and cheerful pieces that are great for home decor, gifts, and daily inspiration.

Her mother was a huge influence on her art and had planned to start Penny Peony Designs together as a way to combine their creative talents with hopes to uplift and inspire people. Her mother passed away, a few short months after discussing the ideas. Katie now uses her art as a way to express her memories and love for her deeply missed mom, knowing she has an artistic angel above giving meaning and inspiration to every colorful creation.

The exhibit can also be seen during Thrasher office hours (10 a.m. - 4 p.m. weekdays) and during concert intermissions. Anyone planning to stop in over the lunch hour should call first (920-294-4279) to make sure the office is open. The show is scheduled to run through mid-May.

If you are a visual artist and would like to be considered for an exhibit at the Thrasher gallery, please contact Maria Dietrich at

Katie Lang red tulips

Katie Lang floral painting