Staff/Board Listing
Thrasher Opera House (TOH) is owned and managed by the Thrasher Opera House Corporation, a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, and operates under the guidance of a 15-member Board of Directors, a dedicated staff of four, and a myriad of enthusiastic and hard-working volunteers without whose help we could not exist!
Meet our board member of the month!

Helcia Bierman - Treasurer

Helcia Bierman has been a Thrasher Opera House board member since 2003 and is the current Treasurer of the organization. She has seen it all, folks! As I chatted with her, it was clear to me that she appreciates this place – for what it was, what it is, and what it can be in the future.

Her connection to "start up” arts venues goes beyond the Thrasher, however. Back in 1979, she worked at American Players – when they got their start! She worked in makeup, was in charge of making artists meals and hospitality, worked in the box office…pretty much whatever needed to be done to make the place run.

When she moved to Green Lake years later, she again found herself in the midst of a "start up” arts venue. She remembers the first few years she was involved with the Thrasher when it was a struggle to pay the utility bills! The budget was beyond tight. Back to doing whatever needed to be done to make the place run! Nevertheless, over time, Thrasher grew. When I asked her about her favorite Thrasher memory her answer was, "its transformation”. Such a good point!

Beyond the Thrasher, Helcia is on the Chamber of Commerce Board of directors and is a very involved community member. I asked her who her favorite artist of all time is (Bruce Springsteen) and what upcoming Thrasher show she is most excited for. She had two: Bryan and Lola (4/7) & The Wonder Bread Years (6/30).

We ended the interview with her saying this: "The lake is amazing, but the Thrasher is the magic and the soul of our community”. 
Well put, Helcia! Thank you for all you do!

Thrasher Opera House Staff
Maria Dietrich, executive director

Rachael Avery, development director

Roby Irvin, program director

Martha Janz, administrative director

Officers of the Board
Krista Norton, president
Michael Shohoney, vice-president
Helcia Bierman,treasurer
Lynne Johnson,secretary
Greg Becker, past-president

Board of Directors
Brice Alvord
Mary Avery
Vicki Duhr
Dennis Duijsters
Erik Johnson
Tim Lyke
Virginia Pollock
John Roesch
Karla Spinks
Steve Yeomans

Honorary Board of Directors
Frans Eliason*
Robert & Patricia Francis*
Alan Hagstrom
Patrick McGriff*
*In Memoriam